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My Twisted Objectives

A self-publication on the material study of a lampshade. The book is designed in swathes of blue, covered in a semi-transparent book jacket and similar inserts of transparency.
Lasalle College of the Arts
3 Months

The challenge

This school project prompted students to create a publication based on the object of study. My object was a lampshade.

The goal

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the process

Surrounding the given object, a lampshade, I played with the idea of light through materiality. While the main bulk of the content was printed on OK KAISER 93gsm recycled paper, I paired this with tracing paper inserts and a book jacket to provide visual and material interest for the reader.

Designing the inserts were similar to the main publication. The only difference were its dimensions where I had to adjust the gridlines within. Each spread loses an effective design page since it would cause visual clutter - a result of printing double-sided on tracing paper. Hence why I chose to input content that would not be dense.

The book jacket had to take a new approach in the use of white ink. Printing anything white on tracing or transparent paper requires the use of spot colour inking. Since conventional printing methods don't typically use white ink, it tends to be more expensive in its use.

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The results were more than satisfactory in its clear use of blue and use of tracing paper to create a see-through material similar to the object spoken of in its content. For future references, it is good to note that tracing paper is stiff in nature which may not be the optimal choice for a book jacket. Spot colour printing will also increase a project's expected expense significantly.

Despite that, the end result was beautifully executed and I hope my personal experimentation with other paper materials will encourage others to try expand our fixated imagery of book making as well.

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Abdul Matin


Darrick Ma Jiahao

Lasalle College of the Arts

Website design project for Chapter9, an alcohol distributor based in Singapore.